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Shower Cap in Markle Blue

Shower Cap in Markle Blue

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A blue as royal as Meghan. Go ahead and crown yourself!

Care Instructions

quickie cap® is machine washable.

Simply treat your quickie cap® like a delicate!

Let’s start with:

  • NO BLEACH!  (The quickie cap® band contains spandex which is degraded by bleach.)

  • DO NOT IRON!  (Heat will ruin the waterproof qualities of your quickie cap®)

  • WASH WITH LIKE COLORS! (You know, sort those clothes like your mama taught you!)

From there, caring for your quickie cap® is easy and you have many options to suit your schedule.

 You can choose to:

  • Hand Wash or

  • Machine Wash and

  • Hang Dry or

  • Machine (Tumble) Dry. 


Hand Wash in warm water with mild detergent.

If you prefer, you can Machine Wash your quickie cap®

WARNING: The Velcro® on your quickie cap® can snag some soft fabrics -- like the lace on panties, for example. So do NOT wash your quickie cap® WITH other delicate articles unless you first place it inside of a mesh lingerie bag!


Hang to dry over a sink, tub, or shower.

Or if you prefer, you can Tumble Dry quickie cap® with "very low" or "super low" heat (MAXIMUM 10 minutes).  Do Not Tumble Dry with High, Medium or Low Heat.


★★★★★     "Indeed, very easy to put on considering I have almost waist-length hair.  I prefer this shower cap to the shhhower cap, kitch, turbella, drybar etc... I have tried several of the newer style caps. Very impressed. Liked the minimal packaging.  Update: washed it as per instructions, came out great.  Would highly recommend this over anything terry lined as they start to smell very quickly.  So far, best shower cap I've used."

(See this review and others on Etsy.)

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